Should we blush on Valentines Day?

In a short word-of-mouth survey I ran on V-day with my friends, it seems that about half of us like V-day and the other half do not.  There seems to be this conflict of “why do I have to show love just because America tells me so vs. I want to do it, regardless of whether its V-day or not.”

I’m going to take it a bit further.  I’m an advocate of Valentines day.  Yes, it hurts a little when I don’t have the ability to express love to someone else on V-day (i.e. I’m single), but I know that if I wasn’t single, I’d be super excited about the idea.  Ok, I’ll also admit that there is a bit of pressure to “impress” on V-day.  To go that extra mile, and I can feel that pressure.  But you know what else, its worth it.  If you really love someone, its going to be worth going that extra mile.  You will love doing it, and they will love that you did it for them.  They will love you back for it.

We have lots of days we celebrate in America.  We celebrate football.  We celebrate our presidents.  We celebrate our parents.  We even celebrate weird traditions like Halloween.  I’m damn happy we celebrate the most important thing to all of us — LOVE!  I think love deserves a bigger and better celebration than any other day.  Today we call it Valentines Day.  It’s opportunity for us to express that word to another in a form that is comfortable to us.  So perhaps its the “form” that upsets us — America telling us what “form” Love should be — how it should be expressed: “flowers, fancy italian/french dinner, chocolates, etc.”  Yes — that is kinda lame — it could be romantic, but only if that is “you” — if you are conforming to America and expressing love in the way they would want you to, because your too scared to express love in the way you naturally would, that is lame.

So cheers to the day of Love.  To the day when we work to create a smile.  When we put a little thought to remind ourselves how much we like love, and we like loving.  When we do something special with someone else.  Is it lame that everyone else is doing the same thing on the same day?  Personally, I don’t think so.  I think its great.  You know when a goal is scored on a soccer match and everyone just immediately starts screaming, and so you feel that amazing “GOOAL!! — get out of your seats and start jumping” vibe?  That happens because everyone else is also screaming.  It isn’t nearly as exciting watching it on TV from your home specifically because you’re not around that vibe — because you can’t “feel” the screams.  V-day is an attempt to create that same sense of excitement around Love.  That requires a movement involving a lot of people, and thats why on V-day we all do it, and for some of us, appreciate it.

Maybe we’re not doing a good job of creating the right vibe in this country, and maybe that what we should be getting grumpy about, but I’d say, if that upsets you then get out there and start changing it.  Get out there and create your own vibe.  Get out there and do your own love.  Get out there and tell your special someone that you Love them in the way that feels most natural to you.  

Happy Valentines Day.


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