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Why we love dark chocolate

Among other things, I am a dark chocolate addict.  I typically buy dark chocolate that is >70% cacao.  I like eating it with coffee, with tea, and especially after dinner.  When I’m buying it for someone else, I typically combine a good bar with a good drink.  It mellows the flavor and lets you take a break from its loveliness just for long enough so that when you take the next bite your feeding your addiction again.

But we don’t only like dark chocolate because it tastes good.  Lots of things taste good.  Not many people would deny a cup of their favorite ice cream, or creme brulee, or if we move to other food groups: an amazing fillet of salmon with rosemary potatoes.  There is something more to dark chocolate.

Yes, sometimes chocolate chills us out after a meal, but most of the time, when we think about what we’re told about chocolate, it has to do with Love.  With sex. Chocolate makes us voracious.  If it isn’t working, we want to eat more.

Chocolate gives us that same feeling of sitting on a hammock in warm spring breeze, while in our head living the fantasy of being the star of the show on a dance floor with the opposite sex eye-balling us to death, with a wink, and with big pink letters telling us what they are all about 😉

Ok maybe I took it a bit too far.  Point is we associate chocolate with a good time, and typically with a good time with the opposite sex.  Not many food groups get that honor.

Truthfully, there are both psychological and scientific reasons why chocolate has this association.  For one chocolate, especially dark chocolate has traces of Phenethylamine, which in short is a stimulant.  The type of stimulant that is found in antidepressants.  Not strong enough evidence? It also contains dopamine — which is a compound released after you work out, after you win the lottery, after you have sex.  Still not good enough?  It was chocolate that enabled a woman to steal johnny depp’s heart.

If you don’t like chocolate, you’re probably too worried about the sugar, or perhaps you have another fix that you like more.  Either way, I hope you’ve found your food group that has a strong association with love.  And when you have — buy it, eat it, and give it away to someone you love, or like 🙂