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The lengths men go

Yes, men like to chase women, and Yes women like to be chased.  Overstatement? Absolutely.  But some part of what I just said you all can relate to.  We’ve all chased or have been chased.  And we all love it and hate it at the same time.

I thought I really understood what it meant to chase a women until I saw this video — and I like the other 8,000 (literally) people that left comments on this youtube video were incredibly surprised!  I never knew someone would go to such lengths in the chase.

If I was going to write a blog post about why someone chased, I would have to write pages about men vs. women biology, natural selection, evolutionary process, and social psychology.  Alas, I’m not going to bore you with those details.  But I will say this.  Most of the time we all appreciate honest, straightforward communication.  The problem with a chase is that is implies a “catch” and few of us enjoy the feeling of being “caught” — so my comment is about the psychology of the chase.

Don’t think you’re chasing, and try to prevent yourself from feeling like your being chased.  Instead just understand that when one individual “likes you” they are going to try to express that.  This applies to men and to women. Judge them by what they do and what they say instead of worrying about the “chase” and the “catch”.

Stay hungry, but be honest and straightforward.  We will appreciate that.  Relationships, regardless if they are romantic or not tend to evolve organically otherwise they tend to fracture and have to reboot.  If you’re chasing or being chased, its difficult for that process to happen organically.  Thus try to your best to not push either party too hard — just be yourself and be around that person when the opportunity presents itself — that will insure the most organic process and thus the most natural result.  What gives me the right to give such advise?  Absolutely nothing, but this is my blog, so I get to say what I want 🙂

And as for the guy in the video — I’d say you can tone it down a bit 😉 She will get the same idea without you turning yourself into MacGyver, The Incredible Hulk and Sylvester Stallone in one video shoot.