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Media loves us

So i’ve been thinking some more about love today ūüôā

I came home and cooked myself some pasta, and my roomate turned on¬†the bachelor. ¬†Its pretty amazing how many people watch shows like this. ¬†Just as one point of reference, a single¬†blog post from Jake — today’s Bachelor has >450 comments. Do we like drama? ¬†Sometimes yes, but more likely when the subject has to do with falling in love. ¬†This exists in every culture I have experienced — Latin’s most popular shows are telenovelas where men and women go through a series of acrobatic emotional acts in order to run after this thing we call Love….Indian’s don’t have the bachelor, but they have bollywood, and let me tell you — if you thought Hollywood has capitalized on Love, Bollywood really has taken it to the next level. ¬†I’d say over 90% of movies produced by Bollywood are about love, and no not just a simple sex scene in the middle of a movie, but about two people trying to find love together, while not having a food fight at every other encounter.

The list goes one. ¬†Love is probably one of the most¬†prevalent¬†emotions in media, and corporations have long understood the power of this emotion — Google recently showed the world that perhaps the strongest emotional response to a search engine would be “use google to find love” ¬†Watch this years super bowl ad¬†here

In short, next time you turn on the radio, flip through TV channels, or look at what is playing in the theater, take a look and see how many of those shows are about love?